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Innovative Retail Point of Sale Solutions

POSitive For Business excels in thousands of businesses worldwide.  Boasting an impressive list of features, PFB allows you to do everything from making a sale, printing barcoded price labels, creating purchase orders, seasonal re-ordering, to customer loyalty and marketing.


Manage your stock with ease

POSitive For Business supports an unlimited number of inventory items, which can be standard hard and soft goods, and intangible items like service and labor.

PFB provides live and accurate stock tracking with the ability to handle backorders, negative levels, size/color matrix, kits, packages and serialized items. Stock levels can be tracked and monitored for multiple sites/warehouses, mobile stocks, warehouse bin locations and company divisions. PFB supports multiple SKUs per item to control the sales of pallets/cases/cartons/packs, etc.

PFB Stock Control


Put your customers up front

With Quotes, Orders, Service and Invoicing modules all linked, PFB makes the sales process quick and easy to track. With multiple document and advanced printing and routing controls, PFB ensures that you maintain a professional, structured sales process.

PFB’s sales utilities ensure the sales process is accurate and efficient. Multiple price levels, quantity

price breaks and discount structures for inventory, including time critical contract pricing, reduces price errors.

PFB Sales Cycle


Take care of your customers

Track customer purchase activity, set credit limits and create marketing programs. Build unlimited customer profiles with a complete invoice history and the ability to quickly search by account number, phone number or name. Assign one of six price levels or an automatic discount to each customer.

PFB Customer Management
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