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POSitive Anywhere


POSitive Anywhere Creates a Secure Connection to Your Data

POSitive Anywhere is a web server that you run on your POSitive server and it is the hub for many of the features included with your Gold subscription.

POSitive Anywhere allows you to:

  • Lookup customer, inventory, and vendor information from any device connected to the web 

  • Send text messages to and receive text messages from your customers 

  • Send reminders and alerts to your mobile device

  • Connect to third-party programs, such as Detrack

  • Access data through the POSitive API

  • And More


POSitive Anywhere is active as long as you maintain a Gold subscription.
POSitive Anywhere creates a secure connection to your POSitive data, because we don't want just anybody having access to your data!


In the past you could achieve this secure access by:


  • Getting a permanent IP address, or subscribing to a Dynamic DNS service 

  • Opening a port on your router that connects to the POSitive Anywhere server 


This takes some time and technical skills to accomplish.  And we want you to get up and running with POSitive Anywhere as quickly as possible!

POSitive Anywhere Reflector

So, we use what's called a "reflector" service. Reflectors are used in a variety of mainstream applications, including Skype. 


​Here's how a reflector works:

  • ​A reflector service runs in the cloud 

  • A reflector agent runs on your computer 

  • The reflector agent is told how to contact the POSitive Anywhere web server 

  • A secure tunnel is established between the reflector and the agent 

  • A web address is designated for the reflector 

This is very simple to setup and requires no technical skills.  We've automated this process for you. Simply run POSitive Anywhere, enter in the web address you'd like to use, and that's it.

POSitive configures the reflector agent for you, and you're up and going.

For more information, please see the following: 

Setting Up POSitive Anywhere (PDF)

Using POSitive Anywhere (PDF)

POSitive Text

POSitive API

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