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POSitive Multi-Site allows you to monitor and manage your remotes sites from one central location. With POSitive Multi-Site, you can:

  • Share inventory descriptions and pricing across all sites

  • Check Stock Levels of all sites at all sites

  • Maintain different pricing at different sites, all controlled from the central site

  • Transfer stock between sites

  • Share customers across all sites

  • Share Accounts Receivable information at all sites (customer can charge or make payments at any site)

  • Share gift card information across all sites

  • Gather employee time card information from all sites to a central location

  • Gather General Ledger information from all sites (and export this information to Quickbooks!)

  • Run and compare reports from all sites, including Sales Tax, Inventory Valuation, Items sold, etc.

  • Compare sales across all stores across any date range, with our "at-a-glance" Sales Summary screen

  • And much more!

POSitive Multi-Site uses Microsofts's SQL Replication to move data between sites. This means your data is moved quickly and reliably between sites, with no intervention on your part. Once a sale is made at a remote site, that sale can show up at the master site in 60 seconds or less!

Please review the Specifications and Concept information below, for more specific information about Multi-Site.

Contact your dealer or POSitive Software for pricing.

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