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Our desire is to give customers the best possible service, but there are instances where our support technicians have spent too much time and effort troubleshooting a Windows or hardware issue that is not due to a problem with their POSitive software. Examples are restoring software after a ransomware or other virus attack, restoring software after a hardware failure, or in-depth computer, peripheral and/or network troubleshooting.


One of the things we have come to realize is that many of our customers need a trusted IT professional which they can call on. However, POSitive support subscriptions were never intended to provide professional IT services and continuing to do so is no longer a sustainable business model for us.


So, effective September 1, our support staff will still make a “best effort” to troubleshoot hardware problems, networking issues, and basic Windows issues, but this help will be limited to 30 minutes. After that, we will offer customers the option to pay us an hourly fee to have a technician from our partner IT company, StriveTech, investigate further or they may have their own IT professional handle the issue.


We’re making this change to ensure that we can continue meeting your expectations of providing superior software support and training. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Please click here to learn more about StriveTech.

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