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Custom gift cards are just about everywhere these days. For the simple reason that for most businesses, plastic gift cards generate more sales than paper gift certificates. Gift card management is a standard feature of POSitive products, so all you need is the cards.


We've partnered with eCard Systems to bring you affordable, high quality printed gift cards, card holders and displays. Why choose eCard Systems? Because product quality and functionality can make or break a gift card or loyalty card program. And we want you to succeed.


Get started today by clicking on the gift card link above to order online.

Gift cards must have an imprinted number (alpha-numeric is acceptable) and may have a barcode or magnetic stripe.

Cards with magnetic stripes may only be read by a standard magnetic stripe reader. Credit card readers used for EMV transactions (chip cards) ARE NOT COMPATIBLE and can't be used.

Gift cards may be tracked internally by your POSitive software product, and/or through a service provided by Worldpay Integrated Payments. Please note that your POSitive software product uses the card number to determine if the gift card is tracked internally or by Worldpay. So, you may use both internal and Worldpay gift cards at the same time.

NOTE: All Worldpay numbers begin with 60501100, so this sequence should never be used for any other gift cards. When ordering cards other than Worldpay's request 6 digit numbers and NO other characters such as %&* etc.  Ask for samples so that you can test them first.

Custom Gift Cards
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