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WorldPay "IP Address" E-mail

POSitive customers who use Worldpay integrated payment processing may receive an e-mail from Worldpay with a message that begins with:


“IP Addresses to be replaced by URLs"


"Dear Valued Merchant,


To continue to align with industry standard security practices, MercuryPay Platform will remove direct external access via its processing IP addresses and will now only allow access by way of its processing URLs.


Action may need to be taken to NOT have a disruption in service.”


This message is apparently being sent to all Worldpay customers using integrated payment processing, and we understand if it causes you to be concerned. However, POSitive customers will not be affected, as explained in the message: “This enhancement will not impact Datacap POS integrations.”


POSitive only uses Datacap products, such as NETePay, for its integration with Worldpay. We have also confirmed with our Worldpay representative that POSitive customers will not be impacted. So, no action needs to be taken to prevent a disruption to your payment processing.


Please feel free to contact us at 866-368-2266, or e-mail, if you have any questions.

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